German Start-Up CloudRain brings Smart Home into the garden

  • CloudRain extends Smart Home market with intelligent garden irrigation
  • Local weather data ensures efficient and automatic watering
  • Simple to use with the CloudRain smartphone app
  • Now available for preorder on Kickstarter

Düsseldorf, March 22, 2018 - The growing trend towards a Smart Home is currently one of the biggest talking points. Easy to use and remotely controllable: Smart Home products offer more flexibility and efficiency in everyday life. So far, t his trend has not focused on the garden. The recently founded start-up company CloudRain will change that. CloudRain is an app-controlled garden irrigation system based on an intelligent algorithm that uses local weather data. The valves installed in the garden can be controlled via the app and automatically water the plants. CloudRain ensures optimal irrigation and avoids unnecessary water consumption. The valves are self-maintaining through solar energy. Already existing irrigation systems can be controlled with CloudRain as well. From today, the products are available for pre-orders on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Henry Broeker, founder of CloudRain: “This crowdfunding campaign is th e right way to start with our innovative Smart Garden product. It is a unique chance to convince potential customers about CloudRain’s benefits. Following a successful campaign we will launch production.”

About CloudRain GmbH:

Founded in Düsseldorf, Germany, CloudRain brings the next generation of a Smart Home to the garden. CloudRain will initially serve the European markets. The in-house developed hardware consists of a controller and valves, which are wirelessly controlled and powered by solar energy. The vision of CloudRain is to offer the highest quality product in the field of Smart Garden irrigation at an affordable price. In the future it should be part of any connected home.


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