Smart Home? Smart Garden!

CloudRain now brings everything you know and love about smart home concepts to your garden.

Water to the specific needs of your plants.

CloudRain customizes your watering schedule for you. Based on sun exposure, wind, temperature, humidity, CloudRain’s smart algorithm automatically find the perfect treat for your plants.

CloudRain Apps

Conserve water, don’t waste a drop.

Never ever see your sprinklers run during the rain. Save up to 80%* of water by using CloudRain’s Adaptive Watering which adjusts to the local weather forecast and only waters when it is needed.

* Compared to a traditional timer

Picture of a waterhose with a flower

Easy installation

The CloudRain valves connect wirelessly and are self maintained through solar energy. No need to lay wires or exchange batteries at any time.

CloudRain Valve Explanation

Stay in control, no matter where you are

Monitor your garden from home, work or while travelling. Our CloudRain App comes for free and lets you stay in complete control of your garden, wherever you are.

CloudRain Notification Example