How it works


You control everything via the CloudRain App.

App Screenshot


The CloudRain Controller is the central Hub to your smart garden. It connects to your home’s wifi and is controlled via the CloudRain App.

It connects to your CloudRain Valves and can additionally control up to 5 wired 24VAC valves.

CloudRain Controller
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Sprinkler Valve

Say goodbye to wires!

The CloudRain Radio valve is solar powered and connects to the CloudRain Controller via radio. (Max. range is 300m at free sight)

CloudRain Controller

Adaptive Watering

Use CloudRain’s Adaptive Watering to automatically schedule the perfect water-times for your plants.

CloudRain’s smart alogrithm considers your environmental conditions like sunlight, temperature, humdiity and wind to find the optimal watering times.

Weather Icons App Screenshot of adaptive watering setting